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Genres of games

The Walt Disney Studios many years of happy children original cartoon which tells about the amazing adventures of heroes, as with our world and other galaxies. In 2002 was created cartoon, which tells about the unusual adventures of an alien and the cute Hawaiian girl. Although the film was created so long ago, but still revise it with great admiration. The origin of the main character of the cartoon Stitch is an alien creature that was created as a result of a failed experiment. Stitch escapes from the lab where he was created and appears on the planet Earth, in the Hawaiian Islands. There it expects many adventures he meets a girl named Lilo, which further helps the Stitch to hide from galactic hunters who came to Earth to catch Stitch. Stitch at the plot of the film has a gay character, loves to have fun and can cheer up anyone, Lilo also quite a difficult girl who has a lot of problems in the family. But, despite the different characters of the main heroes, they quickly find a common language and can have a great fun together. In addition to the main characters in the film employed a large number of fantastic characters. In addition to conventional computer animation in the film are often used watercolor paints, these paints have created a fantastic backgrounds in different spaces. For more fun movie, as background music often uses the songs of the legendary Elvis Presley.

The success of the cartoon was so crushing that studio decided to shoot the rest of the continuation. Was also filmed a sequel to the main part of the film. But, in addition, was created a large number of comics with Lilo and Stitch.

For fans of a variety free online games, created a game involving these characters. In some games they are represented as independent characters, while in others they act as secondary characters, but, despite this, perfectly demonstrate their skills. There is a series of puzzle games in which the player must demonstrate their abilities of memory and attention.