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You ever dreamed to dress a vampire? If not, then most likely you'll do it anyway, because...

In this game you have to paint all the famous characters from Twilight Saga. Bella with Ed...

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When released the movie "Twilight" he had so many fans that they demanded a sequel, because they didn`t want to part with their favorite characters. And then online game developers decided to create games Twilight. These games have turned out so much quality that they become not a repeat of the film, but an addition to it. If you like a movie "Twilight", you definitely need to play these games.

We collected in a special section all versions of the games Twilight. Choosing a game, you should be ready that the game will not be simple. You have to strain your brain. It is a great opportunity to see your heroes and at the same time additionally train your memory and thinking. Some mysteries in these games are really complex and difficult to resolve.

You will need to remember the whole movie, or even, to rewatch it, to win your friends in game. To solve all mysteries, you should have an excellent knowledge of the film. To create the game developers worked together with the authors of the book. If you haven`t played Twilight game, you could not even imagine how interesting it is. Playing various minigames, you will experience with the main characters the most important moments of their lives, you will help them overcome the emerging problems.

The game has bonuses, you`ll be delighted. This is a trailer where you will see footage not included in the film. After passing all levels of the game in the hardest level you will be surprised. What a surprise? Let it remain a mystery.

Making games is very pleasant and real. Throughout the game you will feel like you are there, together with the characters, really. The plot of the game is so exciting that you can`t stop to play this game. There are very complex and interesting puzzles that you must solve during the game. Also you can watch the most interesting moments from the film. And of course, the main feature is the surprise that awaits you after passing the most difficult level.

Young girls who loved Bella, and in love with a young vampire Edward will be able to choose dress up games. They can dress up their favorite characters, create a new image of them.

Playing games Twilight you have the opportunity not to part with the heroes of your favorite movie.