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The game Counter the first in the series of modern military shooters. It derived its name from the word “Contras.” This was a rebel group from Nicaragua. This game will instantly catch the interest of anyone who truly likes military movies.

First appearing in 1988, the graphics of the game for the time were incredible. The performance of the game affected the atmosphere of it. The player instantly found themselves in the epicenter of action. If the action occurred on an island, the player saw themselves on a cliff with green grass and splashing waves around them. Mountain with snow caps, a night sky full of stars. The player felt as if they were inside the game completely.

Each level becomes progressively more difficult. There are variety of enemies that attack from all sides, and a large collection of unique weapons to choose from. In order to defeat all the enemies and win, you will need to be quick, agile, and skillful.

In Russia, we often see the American version of the game because it was released earlier. But the Japanese version is very interesting having colorful graphics, with additional animations.

The main hero is physically very similar to people like Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

From launch, the game Counter has become very popular and demanded. To this day, its popularity did not disappear. Many gamers who like the genre cannot imagine themselves without the game Counter. Even if the graphics are plain and the story is simple, millions of users still play this game.

The game is valued for its gameplay, which many consider unique. Fans of the game do not care is some of the characters are not pretty and get stuck in walls.  The secret of success of this game is that it has a well thought through and tested balance between the weapons of the opposing sides. It also has incredible map design. Veterans of the game know everything about it to the smallest detail, and are able to conduct real sniper battles. To achieve full victory in this game, a player needs to practice to improve their skills and capabilities.

A weak player becomes an easy target for their opponent. Because of this, a player needs to improve their accuracy, tactical thinking, and cleverness. One needs to know all the maps well and think like a strategist. In a real battle, the most important part is not being able to shoot well, although it does work often in the game; but being able to think tactically. Every move needs to be thought through a couple of steps in advance.

Recently, the current day popular shooter named “CounterStrike” was created. The reason for the similarity in the name was because the creator of this wonderful shooter game player good old Counter in his childhood. And being impressed by the gameplay, a more modern version, with three dimensional graphics from a first person perspective was developed. The game can be played against an A.I. or against your friends sitting at another computer.

You can play CounterStrike minigames on our website. All the basic elements of the game are the same as in the original game, although with some limitations. These kinds of games are created for players to hone their skills, and to practice. So, good luck with your practice for CounterStrike!