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On our website there are very interesting games under the title «Kindergarten». There are great games for the youngest players. Perhaps these games more like girls, because boys are more interested in shooting and racing. Games about kindergarten it is for girls. Daughters and mothers is favorite game every girl in a child. It is without a doubt. Games of this series have a lot of varieties. You have to play the role of nanny, rigorous and fair. The main task for the nanny is care of the children. It is insufficiently simple to look after the kid. It is necessary to look after him. The girl will feed a pet, will play with it and put to bed in these games. Such duties will have nanny.

Games about the kindergarten open for girls completely new possibilities. Playing with dolls motherdaughter is a totally different action. Here nanny can see the result of their work. If your little girl loves to play with dolls, free games kindergarten will be for her the best present.

Child care it is very difficult and responsible work. It is very difficult to do without help from an adult the first time. These games will help get the appropriate skills and find out if you like taking care of kids.

In the games, you can be a nanny in a kindergarten or a nanny which looks after the children of their friends. There is a game about a nanny Olga, which constantly helps his friends and looking after their children when they need to go somewhere. She likes taking care of kids. She feeds and bathes the children and then put to sleep. And all this must be done before coming of the parents. If you want to try yourself as a nanny, run game. Nanny will meet you and takes away to the children`s room. Bring our baby to sit, and began your work. To find out what the child needs at the moment, will tell you special tips. The appearance of the bottle indicates that you must to prepare food for the baby. Thus, you will be able to bathe and feed, put to bed and play with him.

Learning that and how to do it with a toddler, you will gain experience. In real life you will be able to stay with the child for some time.