Spider-man is in his typical pose - it hangs on the wall of one of the largest skyscrapers...

Spiderman first of all is man and then spider and as to any person, it is peculiar to fall...

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One of the most favorite characters of many children is a Spiderman. He has spider superpowers, i.e. can shoot web, far jump and move on vertical surfaces.

His popularity is on par with such famous characters as Batman, Superman, etc. Spiderman has red and green suit, mask with web on his face. Suit perfectly covers his body, it most convenient to move around.

This character came from the same movie, which was filmed over ten years ago.

According to the plot of this film, a simple guy who studies in college was bitten by a strange spider. At first he didn’t feel anything unusual, but later he begins to feel something strange, his vision and hearing become stronger, appeared superpower in hands. Although before the bite he wasn`t a very successful student, he had some conflicts with other students. He falls in love with a pretty girl, who is studying with him, but can`t approach her because of his diffidence. After he got the superpower, guy decided to use it against criminals and villains than he is successfully engaged. As in any other action movie, the main villain captures his girlfriend and spiderman has to save her.

After the incredible success of the first part, creators decided to shoot a sequel of this film, so came the second and the third part. In the next movies, spiderman encounters new villains, but fights them more and more difficult. Filmmakers make new challenges, but our hero always wins!

After success of the film, Spiderman become very popular. Were created anime cartoons with his participation, began to produce toys Spiderman and even toys of his opponents, which are still very popular among children. The popularity of Batman and Superman is fading, spiderman is still very popular. Also was released many video games, including online games that are presented in this genre. In these games, you must help Spiderman to fight with dangerous villains. For this fight he has many super skills, the main thing is to learn how use them maximum efficiently. If you are a big fan of this superhero, these games will be a great opportunity to spend time with him, in a fierce fight against other villains.