The nurse in this game should be really super fast, because she needs to cope with several...

The work of baby sitter is not simple and not every woman will be able to cope with it. In...

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Babysitter Kindergarten

A babysitter job is very difficult. To sit all day with a baby is hard, especially if it`s someone else child. When the child is native, with him want to sit and it`s not as tiring, but the duty of babysitting is to sit with someone else child and it tires much more. Responsibilities of a babysitter are to sit with the child all day and care for him. Really it`s not as easy as it seems at first glance. To sit with a child all day is much more tiring than any other physical work. The nanny constantly need to watch the child so that he was clean, had clean diapers, so he wasn`t hungry and most importantly, to him nothing happened and he didn`t act up during the day. The babysitter should to deduce the baby for a walk, because he cannot sit in the house all day. The babysitter should not only take care of the child but also to develop the child. The more to lay in the child the love of education, the better he go with this case. Babysitter are conscientious which relate well to the child and their responsibilities in respect of the child, but there are some that in the absence of parents can afford a lot of things to do in the house and not to look after the baby. When choosing a nanny, parents should be very good to meet with her and find out what is this human, because she will sit with their child.

In very wealthy families, especially if both parents are constantly busy, the nanny becomes almost part of the family and the same babysitter can hire, so she could sit with one child and later with another. Most often this can be observed in western families. The nanny can live in the hosts ` house and everywhere else will go with this family. It is even so that in large and wealthy families, one babysitter raised a couple of generations. In this case, the nanny not only sitting with a small child and has been raising older children. Such nannies always have a job.

In these games you can visit in the role of babysitter. In these games are the most realistic simulated situations to care for a child. Here you can get how quiet child that will have no much hassle, and quite cranky children. There are games in which you need to sit with not one child but with several which is much complicates the task. In any case, if you want to try yourself as a babysitter, choose one of these games.