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Berlin is a very big city, which was seriously rebuilt after the Second World War. Now it ...

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Now these machines are almost entirely filled the streets of our city and sometimes we just cannot imagine our movement without a taxi. Taxis are the machines with drivers that for the money you carry around the city. You can order a taxi to go somewhere outside the city, but such service will be very expensive.

The first taxi that appeared in the middle of the last century was color yellow with a characteristic pattern on the side in the form of small black squares. These taxis can now be seen only on the streets of London or New York. This machine has a slightly rounded shape, which gives them a special charm.

In modern conditions of taxis in the city very much and the taxi drivers are very rude and not friendly, apparently they forget that working with real people. The life of a taxi driver is different from the lives of ordinary working people. They work not only in the day but and at the night, not having one stable schedule. Taxi drivers don`t regret your work machine, and slowly break them into the holes and other urban obstacles. Our taxi drivers love to breed the aliens and can take with them twice more money. Although there are a lot of positive taxi drivers with whom you can talk on different topics, to learn from them something useful. A big problem that a lot of taxi drivers, who work without special devices that measure the distance and tariff, also a lot of drivers who operate without a license to transport. Although with this problem the city authorities are very slow, but struggling, launching more and more specially equipped cars.

Was filmed French film about taxi, which began to enjoy great popularity, in consequence of which it was released a few parts of this film. The film is about a simple guy from Marseille, who very much liked to upgrade his Peugeot car; it turned into a sports car and in seconds was picking up speed. This guy got caught in a bad situation and is now forced to help the police. The film is a comedy with lots of hot scenes.

Taxi games, which are collected here, will give you the opportunity to become a simple driver. You can choose which city you prefer to work, transporting the clients, earn money and look after your car because the ride will need a lot.