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On your ship fall from the sky numerous boxes. To the ship did not sink you must quickly i...

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The ships are called large Maritime vessels that ply the seas and oceans, also they can accommodate on large rivers. Ships are the main and the largest means of transportation on major water bodies. Ships are suitable for transportation of bulky and heavy cargo. The friction of the water is minimal, this creates all conditions for transporting of goods with a minimum outlay of energy and fuel. Ships have their own design features. Firstly they must be hermetically sealed and have no cracks in the hull, through which could trickle water. Secondly they have linear oblong body, so the friction during the movement is very small. All ships have engines that can be internal combustion or steam. Submarines are nuclear powered for minimal air consumption.  Seas and oceans provide a large advantage over roads that sea route can take you to any continent and to deliver from one point of the globe to another. However, there is so many dangers. There are many different storms and tempests on the sea surface which pose a threat for even the largest and most protected ships. Another danger is the sea pirates who attack the ship and rob them or even worse – they capture people hostage and then demand for them a large ransom. However, travel by sea is very nice, although it`s much longer than any other mode of transport. There are different types of ships, which have their own purpose. Cruise ships cause a great delight, they are used for sea travel. Cruise liners are very large. It is a floating city with a large variety of restaurants, casinos, dance clubs, swimming pools and many other entertainment complexes. Passenger ships can be used to transport passengers from one continent to another or simply between some islands. Titanic is the largest and most tragic cruise liner that ran on an iceberg and sank in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This resulted in the loss of over 1500 human lives. Based on these events was filmed very popular Hollywood movie.

Also, there are merchant ships which are engaged in transportation of goods and products from one country to another, from one continent to another. Due to the trade have been discovered new trade routes. Maritime transport is very cheap and used for the transportation of food, raw materials, different things and some properly sized equipment. Carry those products that will not deteriorate and can be stored for a long time. Tankers are the special ships designed to carry oil and various fuel and lubricants. Oil is easier than water, that`s why tanker can carry a very large number of oil.

The most widespread ships are the military ships. There is a huge fleet of warships in developed marine countries. The ships are divided by fire power, speed and size. There are fast, lightly armed ships, called cruisers. Also there are large ships which have an impressive arsenal of powerful weapons of different caliber. They called battleships as an abbreviation of linear ships. There is a very large military ships aircraft carriers, which have the attack planes and the bombers on board and have a space for them to takeoff or land. Warships protect other ships from pirate attacks. Also they perform various rescue operations and ensure peace and order at sea.

There is also a fantastic space ships round shape that can fly in space. They called flying saucer. In such spaceships hypothetically move the aliens and you often can see them in the fantastic movie. They can be incredibly large and there can reside a great number of strange creatures. There are no restrictions in the size and shape of space ships.

In online games you have to use different ships like cruise liners, commercial or military ships. On every type of ships you will carry out appropriate missions and tasks. However, most of presented games have a military theme and there will be an exciting battle at sea. Also collected a huge number of games where you will travel through intergalactic space by the spaceships. These games will be interesting to a little boys and to adult men and everybody can enjoy them fully.