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One more favorite activity of women and favorite pastime place is kitchen, of course. A big part of her free time a woman spends in the kitchen, trying to cook a tasty dish for your loved ones, to feed a family with a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Today kitchens are not those that were before, now there are a TV set and a bunch of all household appliances, from microwave to dishwasher. The only thing that stays difficult for the mistress is to choose what to cook today, most of the work equipment do for her. The main thing is to learn how to manage all these wonders of technology properly and effectively.

Kitchen is not just a place for cooking or some delicious dishes. Kitchen is an iconic place for relaxation, where you can sit to chat with friends, watch TV, etc. There is saying that a kitchen keeps all secrets and it is really true, because in the Soviet Union a kitchen was the only place where people had a chance to talk about politics and about all those things which were taboo. In the 80ies the kitchen was a place where concerts were performed, that concerts were forbidden to the general public, and they had enormous popularity. Besides kitchen (apartment) concerts are very fashionable in to our times, when there is no any taboo for creativity.

Playing these online games about kitchen you will not only be able to get skills of how to deal with different appliances, what and where you can cook, what rate to choose. In these games you’ll not only learn how to use tools for cooking so that you can use all of them in the real life when you become a real mistress in your own kitchen, but also get the possibility to relax and feel the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Playing online games about kitchen you’ll have to keep in order this wonderful place in different ways: clean it, wash, clean the pots and kettles. There are a lot of humorous games in which you need to protect your kitchen from cockroaches and other pests that infest there. You will have to kill all these pests using a variety of methods, both chemical and physical. If you are not indifferent to your kitchen, play games of this genre and have fun playing them and enjoy the fact that at this moment you don’t need to clean or wash your real kitchen!