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Do you like fishing? Fishing is a hobby or something more, something that at the first opportunity you want to take fishing poles and go to the pond, from what all thought at work are only about fishing and a large part of the conversation on the same topic fishing. Fishing is a hobby purely for men, women very rarely love it. Fishing is not just a pastime, it is first of all the excitement! There is no such excitement as catching a big fish, want to catch another and another, to be on fishing while mosquitoes will not bite very hard. And in the winter for hours on end to sit over a icehole hoping to catch a fish and drink warm tea. And when the fish begins to bite then the time spent on the cold seems to be negligible in comparison with the pleasure of fishing.

And after received emotions on a fishing you really want to tell your colleagues what size a carp came off the hook and how many roach you caught. It is more difficult to find even greater braggarts and liars than fishermen, they can talk for hours about his exploits and what was fished. There is some pattern, which shows the relationship between the size of the hands of the fisherman and how large he caught the fish. Bigger hands mean that he caught bigger fish.

Fishing pleases with its peace and tranquility. You can take a rest in the nature in a quiet environment, sit with a fishing rod and relax from all daily activities. Even if you catch nothing, you still get a great relaxation for the body. Many men go fishing to catch the fish and bring it to home, but there are some desperate fishermen who catch the fish and then release. It is called "Catch and release". There is also a large number pseudo fishermen that go fishing only to meet a big company, to cook ear or fry kebab, mingle and have a good time, fishing for them just an excuse to have something to say to their wives. There is night fishing for the most avid fishermen who uses floats with phosphorus, say bite better at night, but there could be as lucky.

Online fishing games provide an opportunity to practice fishing without leaving home and without leaving your computer. For the avid fisherman this is the best game, it doesn`t take long to prepare, select gear, select a fishing rod. Just open the game and caught a fish big and small.

On any fishing it is very important to adhere the culture of fishing, namely not to poach and not to litter in nature, this is a very important part of caring for the next generations. In any case, when a human is in nature, it should think about the nature and does not destroy or contaminate it, because that nature created humans and nature provides man with all necessary things. It would seem that fishing now become to a higher level, when the fishermen are fishing purely for interest but still there are very many such fishers who want to catch more fish, and then sell it or just throw it out. When a person breeds fish or engages in any other job to reproduce any natural resources, he begins to appreciate these riches properly. The more power a human gets over nature, the more he harms her. So that is first to decide, why exactly you need fishing. Maybe you should visit online fishing! Interest is the same but the fish will not suffer and most importantly, ecosystems will not be broken. It is very important for the conservation of nature.