Spongebob decided to open his own small business for the sale of hot burgers. He could not...

Finally SpongeBob went on increasing. Now he is engaged in the delivery of burgers in the ...

In this game, the Dutchman dash stole a friend of Sponge Bob square pants a snail Carrie. ...

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Here are collected all games about adventures of the favorite character of Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon. If you like the character of Sponge Bob you will not stay indifferent to these games. Sponge Bob‘s life continues not only in the animated series, but also in these games where you can take a part directly. Although the plot of games is not the same as the plot of TV series, these games that have a favorite character of Sponge Bob give a player a real pleasure. It appeared on our TV screens a long time ago and ten year later it still strongly holds the position there. Thanks to his incredible humor, he is able to cheer up any person. He quickly finds the way out from various difficult situations that very often are caused by himself, he helps all other inhabitants of the underwater world.

Popularity of this character literally goes in front of himself and the reason of this is the incredible paradox, which describes the whole his underwater world. Take the encyclopedia and take a look what a real sea sponge is, and compare that with how it is presented in this cartoon. There are so many occasional moments where Sponge Bob is demonstrated underwater using scuba gear, balloons or other devices for holding oxygen that is not only contradicts laws of physics, but also the plot of cartoon. There are many other things that contradict the general idea of this cartoon, but it makes it even more interesting for watching. And all the fictional underwater world can captivate any person by its inexpressible uniqueness. Another particularly important thing that has promoted the popularity of the movie is an incredible spontaneity of Bob’s character. He is a sort of a simple guy, who doesn’t worry much about any problem and is always in a good mood. Moreover, he can easily use his good mood to cheer up this friends. Sponge Bob is the real soul of the company, he gathers together a variety of characters that are really interesting for the viewer. The cartoon is maded in such a way that children can not only lough but also learn something new and useful that they can use in their daily lives.

If to tell you briefly about this character he lives on the bottom of the sea, where live all sea sponges. He has a rectangular shape and his pants are of the same shape. He is yellow and has holes of different shapes, so he looks like a Swiss cheese. He has large eyes and a smile that almost never lefts his face. He is distinguished by his pants and suspenders and he almost always wears a tie that gives him a business, almost diplomatic view. Sometimes his jokes are so simple that they seem to be almost silly. Sponge Bob is surrounded by other sea inhabitant, who are his friends in the series and in online games. His friends are octopus Skvidrat Tentikalas, retarded starfish Partick Star and Bob’s roommate snail Gary, which is a simple interpretation of the cat of our world. According to cartoon SpongeBob is a cook who works at the old miser. In addition they are surrounded by a lot more marine creatures of the Pacific Ocean, and the city they live in is called BikiniBottom.

This low budget animated series has become very popular in USA, and very soon all over the world. It has been translated into so many languages of the world. A lot of new series were made and all of them are as popular as first ones. They have made even a fulllength cartoon about Sponge Bob which is also very fond of children of different ages.

In the series, as well as in these online games Sponge Bob appears in all kinds of intricate situations so you will help him to find the way out of them. Sometimes it is just a simple arcade game where the main hero is catching some bubbles or is busy with their daily routines of the underwater world. In any case, he is still very interesting for us and we hope that this interest will not fade away and will only increase.