Girl from Bratz wants to walk through the deserted spring beach. Yet there are no people w...

Bratz girl tries herself in medicine. How to be a doctor or a nurse she is still not very ...

One of the Bratz girls chose an interesting, but not very simple work, she served as a nur...

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Bratz Girls are appeared not long ago in the children`s culture, but in a short time become very popular.This four beauties that love to visit different secular parties, go to discos, shopping and spend a great time. They will be able to cheer up any. Girls very often get in some funny adventures. They love expensive stylish things, beautiful sport machines, rest on the most expensive resorts of the world and not love think about some problems and worries. The main thing for them is fashionable party.

Characters girls emerged from the Comedy film, which was shot in America in 2007. So tells about four teenagers who went to the same school, but faced with a big problem, namely, the director`s daughter, who controls almost all the relationships in the school and all pupils at the school. They take part in the talent contest and decided to unite in the fight against the daughter of the school Director. After the competition of talents they take part in the independent of school competition of beauty, where they gain victory. The film has not gained the expected popularity, but his characters became popular in the result of which published a series of children`s dolls with these girls.

Names of girls on a film are Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe. The dolls were named after the girls.

After the popularity of the dolls, released a large number of online games in which girls perform in a variety of roles. These online games have become very popular.

Here you will be able to change their clothes, putting on makeup, experimenting with hairstyles, choose the accessories. Games for girls Bratz is not only interesting and funny but also helpful! In these games girls will be able to develop your own taste, sense of style and beauty. Bratz are best online games for girls.