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Strategy is a game with a huge global sense and it is not just a simple field of battle where you have to manage your small army. The most common strategies include large areas where you have to manage a large army or entire nations. The strategies require you to develop constantly and improve something to be ahead of your competitors or enemies. The game lasts for quite a long time because strategy is nothing else than the achievement of predetermined objectives by means of clear and planned actions. So that these events pass as planned follow tha plan of your actions very carefully. Sometimes you need to prepare the entire plan of your actions in advance and be ready for any situation that may occur in the game. At the same time, the advantage of online strategies is that they are not too stretched in time and the whole game ends in one session which is unlike conventional computer games, and that is very convenient. Strategies are of different types such as a strategy for development of actions, where you have to build your city, country, or a small farm and to deal with collecting os revenue and development; or military strategies where you should be very attentive, where you need to attack constantly, to destroy and grab the ownership of the enemy.

Strategy for development is rather quiet and requires a gradual planned development, here you have the opportunity to develop as an entrepreneur and founder of some business. In such strategies the game very often lasts for a long time, here you will have to produce something, to trade, to exchange products. Most often in these online games the strategy is connected with a farm or other business. Also you have the opportunity to bargain on the stock exchange and literally sell the air. In such strategies you'll also explore new lands and continents, to carry out some researches. The opposite meaning have military strategies which require you aggressive nature, the desire to conquer and destroy something permanently. You can not spend alot of time on thinking in these games, you have to attack constantly, to give a sharp counterblow to all offenders. But it is also necessary to keep your army in good condition and constantly enlarge it because the base of the game here is a big and strong army. But to make the army you need to create a specific development of the game.

Once Napoleon said that a nation who does't not want to feed its army, sooner or later will feed someone else's army and this is well demonstrated in these games.

This category presents a variety of games of strategy genre, they are games for development and military games, and they be equally interesting to anyone who feels like a real strategist. If you want to train your brain, then online strategy is exactly what you need!