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Genres of games

The most popular genre of games is Arcade. Arcade, probably, is the very first game that appeared on game consoles and gaming machines. Arcade games are very primitive and to play them you don't need a lot of time to learn the essence of this game, everything is simple and clear. But, at the same time, to play the arcade is very entertaining and funny, there is the reason that arcades are the most popular games and are represented on all types of gaming devices, ranging from Tetris and finishing with highperformance computers.

With these games you have the opportunity to start playing from simple levels and gradually raise to more difficult levels. Moreover you can even not notice how raises your own level of play. Since there are gemes of different genres that are based on simplicity and accessibility of the game, you can improve your skills in different genres, and in course of time moove to simulators which are more close to reality and require more experience in this sort of game. Arcade may be some simple logic puzzles based on laws of physics that simply require you to pass the level with the maximum number of points, or it may be some adventures, fights that also require player to get the maximum number of points, or even the usual race which don't have difficultes at all. Arcade include almost all games that are not hard to play, you just need to pass level by level with the maximum result for the game.

Arcades were probably the first games that people come up with for their entertainment, because they do not require a perfect skills of playing. Among all modern games arcades are the most popular. Arcades include Pacman, Digger, Super Mario, Sonic, Ice Tower and even the Need For Speed. NFS belongs to arcades because it is the race with more simple way of driving the car, here you just need to go straight and pass obstacles and this distinguishes arcades from simulators. On the contrary in simulators everything is close to reality and requires huge experience to play them. So do not wait too long, start playing online arcade games presented here and find in them something new for you.