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Robots, as we know, are mechanical interpretation of living beings. Most often robots are created based on human skeleton, but also very popular are robots of different animals. The robots are completely autonomous in their movement and can exist without power for a long time. All robots are dependent on humanity, it is only possible in science fiction films that they can begin to revolt against people. Robots are often operated by people, but modern mechanical beings can also move and execute simple commands themselves. Recently, robot industry has started to develop very good, new robots that replicate living beings which are the example for their creating are produced They become more autonomous and more intelligent. Perhaps, in the near future robots will be among people and they will help them with their daily routines. Thanks to robots space exploration is possible, because they don't need to breathe oxygen and vacuum is not dangerous for them too, they can easily go through space conditions and perform a variety of tasks. Robots never get tired or sick, they will always be the same.

Robots are almost like people, they can be sentimental like Robocop and violent as Terminator. In these games you will control robots and fight for the title of the coolest robot. And also you have to kill robots, protect people from invasion of robotic cyborg. Wage war with robots is rather difficult because they do not feel the pain and are armed with the most modern weapons. Robots are more familiar with tactics of war and other combat aperations. But only humans possess real intelligence and can think in unique way and that's why you have the opportunity to defeat the robots in this war, after all robots were created by man thanks to this intelligence. But this is just the part of a game where robots are warlike, in fact there are robots that are friendly and love to have fun. You can see this playing games where robots play soccer and other sport games. You can even play chess with robots. And robots can be domestic, almost like pets. Home robots can be in the form of pets that will bring you slippers or take out the garbage, they will be very useful in the household. This category includes games that have robots in their plot and you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with these robots, learn what kinds of robots are there in the world and why are they interesting. Play games with robots and spend an interesting time with these clever mechanical creatures.