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In a childhood all of us have love for creativity, small children love singing carelessly, dancing, sculpting something out of plasticine, performing in public etc. But most of all children love painting or drawing something. And it does not matter what to draw, caricatures or really interesting artistic drawings, kids just love doing this. Previously children had the opportunity to create their masterpieces only on paper, sometimes that was not very comfortable as paper or coloring pages or ink ended or children got dirty with all these paints, which was difficult to wash out. With the development of computer technology and computers children have got a new very interesting opportunity to draw and colour directly on the computer screen, this opportunity is given by a large number of online games that are made specifically for this purpose. Playing these games children are able to draw and paint, and you do not need to worry that they might be out of paper or ink. They can create their own masterpieces or colour their favorite superheroes in those colors which, according to child's opinion, will be the most appropriate for them.

This section presents games in which children can express their imagination, these games promote the development of artistic skills. Even from the early age of your child you have the opportunity to see what flair and talents it has, whether it knows how to do the work constructively or not. Even if your child does not have creative talant, here it can develop and get to know the basics of art. A child can paint it's favorite cartoon characters, sfairy tales characters. A variety of colors and tools allows you to create inaccessible to ordinary paper masterpieces.

These games are available for children from 3 years old, the child will spend time playing with particular interest and will be in a good mood. Adults who consider themselves talented and creative can try themselves in painting or drawing and see whether it will look better than your child's work or not and how long it will take you to finish, because an adult spend more time to decide what color and iwhat intensity to use. But here you need to do and not to think and a child is better in this.

Flash games colourings are constructed in such way that even the man who has never sat at the computer they would be able to paint. That's why it's the best opportunit for small children to practice their skills in drawing and develop creative abilities. At first glance it may seem that there is nothing developing, that they are quite simple and do not force a child to think, but the more time a child spent playing this game, the better the right side of child's brain develops, and this is that part of the brain which is responsible for creativity and creative thinking. Gradually, these abilities will be embodied by a child in some of it's own pictures. And who knows maybe some other hidden talents will open up. Many parents do not take such professions as designers or artists seriously, but in reality such jobs can be also very profitable. Special needs for such specialists have Internet companies, because almost everyone is looking for talented designers who can deal with high quality website designs and other similar projects. Even to create online game one needs to make huge creative and to have the ability to create something new and unique.