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With the invention of the first bows, crossbows and other shooting weapons a new era of war techniques and using of technological progress in the military started. To use shooting for destroying the enemy is much easier and more efficient than running at him with a spear or sword, but one also needs to be able to shoot very accurately. In modern times you can shoot with anything and out of anything. The most effective and powerful, of course, is a firearm that, by the way, is the most often used in online games. Firearms are very accurate and very lethal. Very often people use firearms to learn to shoot in different shooting galleries, shooting ranges and other place adapted got shooting. There are other weapons using which you can shoot, these are bow, crossbow, catapults, lasers etc. Some of them belong to the past and some still belong to the the future. In particular it refers to lasers and other light kinds of weapons, because they do not need ammunition for themselves and their destructive power excel firearms several times.

Shooting Games for boys are games where skills of accuracy are very useful, as well as skills of durability, accuracy and speed of reaction. Playing online shooting games for boys you need to destroy enemies in order to prevent possible victims among the civilian population. Free shooting games for boys offer you a wide range of weapons (automatic weapons, pistols, crossbows, large caliber guns, lasers, missiles, etc), as well as equipment (tanks, helicopter gunships and even space devices). Free shooting games for boys provide the opportunity to get to the wild boar hunting, also hunting forduck, ants, dragons and even snowmen. Many games of shooting category are based on the fact that you need to shoot using various military equipment, very often it will be tanks, guns, helicopters, airplanes. This category also has games where you need to carry out various missions to rescue people and preserv peace in the world. Sometimes shooting games for men are pretty tough and have unpredictable plot, but according to the name of this category it is quite natural. In these games any boy could improve their shooting level, learn how to use many kinds of weapons and spend a good time.

This category is recommended for children from 7 years old.

It is sometimes nice to destroy all enemies and get a landslide victory. Category of free games for boys constantly updates with new games with new plots and characters. Do not waste your time and take part in a thrilling adventure of shooting at all what is dangerous and evil.

Weapons in hands of a man gives them a terrible power, a person begins to feel that they are capable of any feat. Therefore, before you take the weapon in your hands you should think good about who you are and learn to control your emotions and your desires, because you can do a lot of stupid things. When you play shooting online games it may seem that it is very simple to use weapons, you only need to aim technically at targets and accurately hit them, but the reality is much more complicated. Even according to tha fact that to use arms you must have a certain physical form, and it is quite hard, and it has recoil. When you see how the hero of the game is running on some level with arms, it may seem that it's so easy. But in fact it requires great physical efforts to do that. And still you need to have technique of treatment with any pistol or a gun, even to change the shop you need to understand how to do it. It may seem that these games generate aggression, but it is not, because every boy needs to understand why people need weapon and how to use it, and many flash games try to explain this with from a humane point of view.