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Because of development of the automobile production in our world there is such a dangerous and interesting kind of competition as car racing, where experienced and not very experienced drivers show their skills and try to win different races. Racing became the real kind of sport and there are different championships and just demonstrations of racing. There are both ring races on closed roads around the ring, and long rides on a few hundred or even thousands of kilometers in which participants can travel more than one country and natural area. Do not forget about short races on straight roads where participants compete in the agility of their cars and their power characteristics. This sport is very expensive and dangerous, because a purely experienced driver on the difficult road can couse big accident. Therefore, on professional rally tournaments there is a navigator next to the driver who points to all the features of the road and the possible turnings.

Boys get the unforgettable pleasure from the fact that they can control the car themselves, and when they have the chance to demonstrate on the racetrack their skills in driving their happiness has no limits. That's why, the more opportunities one or the other racing online game provides, the better it is for the player. But the competitiveness of any race should be moderate, because to motivate the boy to play one or another game it is necessary to attract him by simple rivals, which he can easily beat, and then you can put him against the more experienced rivals the fight with which will be to serioust. The more serious opponent is playing against you and the begger prize is at stake, the more risky the race is. It's not so easy to win if you have never drived a car on your computer before. For this reason there are such racing games where the level of dificulty is low and rivals are weak. For training you can select the race which has no rivals, where the race must be finished in a certain time. Just a few hours of driving and we can understand the basic principles of driving, which will give us the opportunity to participate in a serious fight. Every online game has its own nonessential differences in management, somewhere the car is more docile, somewhere it's less docile, so you have to get used to each game individually.

Racing games for boys give you the opportunity to feel yourself as a pilot of highspeed car. Playing these games you can participate in races driving different kinds of vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, different cars, trucks, quad bikes, Formula 1 race cars and even tractors. In addition, there are many versions of these vehicles, they are of different masses, structures, they have different power characteristics and different equipment installed there. Exciting race with obstacles, interesting and challenging speed tracks with sharp turns will give you a chic impression of the race, where you need not just speed up in time, but to slow down im time too and not to turn over a car.

Races are designed for different age groups of boys. And not only for boys, there are many girls who are happy to drive cars too and want to show that they are as goo in driving as boys. There is a special category the race for girls.

This section has different types of races, playing one of them you feel like this is you sitting in the car and other races has the the top view. Most of games have a typical plot where you compete with other players to win or where you just play for time. But there are also games where you use a car to perform some specific mission: to play a taxi driver or even to fight with criminals using cars. There are games where you have to deal with transportation of various load, both overall and small, friable and transportation should be performed very carefully so that not to ruin the load on the road. Here you lso have the opportunity to work race strategy and participate in all sorts of championships to earn money and upgrade your car adding to it different equipment that improves its dynamic performance, handling on the road and a lot of other things.

Extreme racing through the desert or snowcovered roads will give you a powerful boost of adrenaline. You can take part in dragracing through the city, street racing and all other kinds of forbidden playing online games with no fear. Feel the drive and become the asphalt king!