Genres of games

Man has always dreamed about flight. This was a common dream of ancient world. In the Middle Ages there were many attempts to make a machine that could fly like a bird. Very close to the actual flight was Leonardo da Vinci, who designed a machine capable of really flying, but that days it was impossible to built. The first flight in the air was made by brothers Montgolfier who went up in the air by a balloon. Later the first flight on a plane was performed and after that the development of aircraft manufacturing and even air and space exploring starded. You can make a flight by two basic ways. The first is based on the fact that flying object has a lower density than air (this is achieved by increasing the volume of the object and its mass decreasing), the example of this are balloons, dirigibles. The second method is the most practicaly used and is based on the fact that a flying object makes a huge pressure of air under it's body and that air raises it. The examples of this areto are all modern airplanes, helicopters and other flying machines. Nowadays everyone has the opportunity to fly and feel what is it like. Air transportation of passengers and loads are performed regularly. There is a separate branch of army which is called the Military Air Force. Aviation is a huge part of the modern army.

Flying Games are games playing which you can fly on different flying vehicles. They ares hang glider and airplanes, helicopters and even derezhabl and spaceship. You can also learn to fly on combat helicopters and fighter airplanes. Flying has always been an interesting and exciting event and don't lose the opportunity to fly in online games. In these games there are a variety of genres, here you can find a war games, arcades and adventure games. Most often in these games you will need to fly on a combat airplane and fight with enemies, perform some tactical tasks or just destroy everything on your way, to bomb enemy tanks, artillery and infantry. There is also a part of the games, which are based on the peaceful use of aviation, it's transportation of passengers, cargo, etc. You may just travel by plane and see a lot of new things from the height. There are even games where you need to fly in a sleigh with Santa Claus.

Games have a very dynamic story and require a rapid reaction to emerging situations in the game. You can't be inattentive here, you should always run your flying vehicle, after all, it's very easy to cause air disaster. It's easy to play flying games, even a 5 years old child can do this, a child can even handle with a huge flying ship better than an adult. That is why these games are recommended for children from 5 years. So play and have a lot of fun!