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Animals are a great kingdom of living beings that can move and are active consumers of organic matter. Animals, on our point ofview, are big organisms that run, jump and very often are covered with hair. But in fact it is the kingdom that involves far more organisms and microorganisms, which we can not even be able to see with the naked eye. Also it may be insects and fish and lizards and even corals, all these are animals. However, this category of games collect onle those animals that are fluffy and cute and always please our eyes. Time always passes merrily and lightheartedly with animals. Your pets will never betray you or hurt, they will always be bound up only to you, they can take away your negative energy and even cure some diseases by their faithfulness. As they require special care you can get acquainted with many elements of this in these games.

This category contains the most interesting online games about animals.

Games about animals for girls are designed to anable you to have the opportunity to get a wide variety of pets. And how cute they are, I mean these funny little furry animals, and how defenseless they look sometimes. In these games you have to take care of your friend, dress it according to fashion, feed in time, maybe even make makeup for your pet, make it funny hairstyles, attend exhibitions and compete with other pets, participate in various competitions with your animals. You will also need to paint or assemble puzzles of your pet's picture, find differences in pictures of animals.

Online games about animals hove not only cats and dogs, but also fish, bunnies, rabbits, tigers, lynx, parrots and other different exotic animals. In addition you will have the opportunity to participate in various adventures with your favorite animals. These funny little animals are so fond of something new and exciting and this is why they often get in different kind of problem situations and from which you have to help them out. It will need to pass challenging levels in a company of your favorites and reach the required aims. Animals can be represented in these games as very wicked and ruthless predators as just little animals that can smile cute and can not cause harm to anyone. You can trust these animals totally in games presented in this section.

Fascinating little creatures are waiting for you, relax and spend your time with pleasure!