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Since ancient times clothes served for a person as a cover of different parts of the body and it's function was to save and reserve heat. In different periods of people's development clothes were different and were characterized by different features. In our days clothes are not a thing that covers the body and keeps you warm, but those accessories that have the biggest influence on style and fashion. And fashion, by the way, is a short term preference of some style. Fashion is a very dynamic phenomenon and it is constantly changing, and it changes the clothes which are used in a variety of styles. Thanks to fashion people constantly update their wardrobes and very often they have to work for just clothes. Thanks to fashion there is the entire industry of creation and production of variety of new clothes and other accessories.

The current variety of clothes can bsurprise very serious as world's designers focus their efforts on creating not just new contrasts, but also new forms of clothes, but also new forms of clothing. That is why you can see the usual pants in a variety of forms, usual pants are narrowed at the bottom, other pants are widened; some are shortened by the knee and the other are so long that they must be rolled up to make it comforbable to walk. They can create everything just to surprise fans of stylish clothes. No matter how many efforts designers spend, but for many years a leading position belongs to classic business suits for men and skirts for women, because only classic has parameters of clothes which are the most thought and wearing which people feel comfortable and selfconfident. Lately such called casual clothes derives its popularity, it is a mix of classic forms and with work clothes. We can say that it is comfortable casual clothes that still has style and is perfect for any event such as business meeting, the usual walk or homework. That is the clothes that are mostly prefered by active young people who always need to be mobile and to visit different places and a various events in one day. Casual style can be greatly accentuated by some stylish accessories such as a bracelet, glasses or even a stylish belt.

Clothes are of different types and purposes: outer clothing and underwear, clothes for work or sport clothes, clothes for leisure or cultural activities. Footwear is also the attribute of clothes. To get aware of all this clothes and its diversity you can playing these wonderful online games.

There are lso a lot of games in which you will meet with a lot of fashion accessories which are jewelries and different hats, anything possible that is not clothes, but you can't do without it.

Dress up games for girls. These games are just for you, they will help you to develop your own sense of style and fashion, to see a huge variety of clothes and find something for yourself, to see how different celebrities dress up and what clothes they prefer. You can feel yourself a real designer, fashion designer, to create the unforgettable image for some model and make her a true fashion beauty. These games are designed specifically for girls, playing dress up games you can dress your models according the last trends of fashion, shoose accessories and jewelry for them. Everything is in your hands and your imagination, because there are no any restrictions, you can choose dresses and jewelries for princesses and fairies, for Barbie and showbusiness stars, to arrange weddings and other festive events. You can virtually walk through different stores and boutiques to look for fashionable trends of clothes and choose some fashion thing or accessory party. To dress a model you need very little time, a little imagination and one more image is ready. You have the opportunity to create a fashionable image that one will want to use in the real world as in the virtual world you can experiment and do not be afraid of criticism and judging. Playing online dress up games for girls you will spend funny and interesting time. Good luck!